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Ball cock: The mechanism that controls the flow of water into a gravity-operated toilet tank. The ball cock is controlled by the float mechanism floating in the water in the tank. When the toilet is flushed, the float drops and opens the ball cock, allowing water to enter the tank and/or bowl. The float rises as the water level in the tank is restored, and shuts off the ball cock when the tank is completely filled. Also referred to as a float valve.

Base sheet: Bottom layer of built-up roofing.

Beam: A horizontal framing member designed to carry a load from a set of joists or a roof and spanning an open space. Usually 6" x 6" or 4" x 10" or larger.

Bidet: A personal hygiene fixture with hot and cold water supply for genital and perineum cleanliness.

Bisque: Unglazed areas of vitreous china fixtures, such as inside the tank or on the bottom of the bowl foot, have a bisque finish.

Bitumen: Term commonly applied to various mixtures of naturally occurring solid or liquid hydrocarbons, excluding coal. These substances are described as bituminous. Asphalt is a bitumen. Term commonly applied to various mixtures of naturally occurring solid or liquid hydrocarbons, excluding coal. These substances are described as bituminous. Asphalt is a bitumen.

Blind Nailing: A method of nailing that ensures that the nail heads are not visible on the surface of the finished material.

Blue Prints: A type of copying method often used for architectural drawings. Usually used to describe the drawing of a structure which is prepared by an architect or designer for the purpose of design and planning, estimating, securing permits and actual construction. Also called Blue Lines.

Bowl: Water-containing receptor that receives liquid and solid body waste; two general bowl classifications are round front and elongated.

Brick Ledge: The jutting lip or portion of foundation that the exterior brick courses are to be placed on.

Brick Veneer Wall: A facing of brick commonly used in modern construction that covers an exterior load bearing wall.

Bridging: Small wood or metal pieces that are placed diagonally between floor joists or wall studs to act as floor or wall stiffeners.  Often used for wide spans.

Built-ins: Custom cabinets or bookcases built on site.

Built-up roof: A type of commercial, or "flat" roof finish, produced by applying alternate layers of roofing felt and hot asphalt or pitch. The top layer is given a hot flood coat of the bitumen; granules of rock, gravel, slag, or ceramic particles may be embedded while the flood coat is still hot. The roofing system may incorporate rigid insulation.

Bundle: A package of shingles. There are 3, 4 or 5 bundles per square.

Butt edge: The lower edge of the shingle tabs.

Butt joint: The connection of two pieces of wood or other types of materials that meet in a square-cut joint.


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