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Cabinet soffit: A boxed framework found above the upper cabinets in kitchens.

Cap flashing: The portion of the flashing attached to a vertical surface to prevent water from migrating behind the base flashing.

Cap sheet: A top layer in built-up roofing.

Casement Window: A window with hinges on one of the vertical sides and swings open like a normal door.

Casement Window: A window with hinges on one of the vertical sides and swings open like a normal door.

Casing: Molding of different widths, thickness and designs used as trim around window and door openings at the jambs.

Caulking: 1. A flexible material used to seal a gap between two surfaces e.g. between pieces of siding or the corners in tub walls. 2. To fill a joint with mastic or asphalt plastic cement to prevent leaks.

Chalk line: A line made on the roof by snapping a taut string or cord dusted with chalk. Used for alignment purposes.

Change Order: A written document which modifies the plans and specifications and/or the price of the construction Contract.

Circuit Breaker: A device which looks like a switch and is usually located inside the electrical panel or circuit breaker box. It is designed to (1) shut of the power to portions or all of the house and (2) to limit the amount of power flowing through a circuit (measured in amperes).

  • '110' volt household circuits require a fuse or circuit breaker with a rating of 15 or a maximum of 20 amps. '220' volt circuits may be designed for higher amperage loads e.g. a hot water heater may be designed for a 30 amp load and would therefore need a 30 amp fuse or breaker. Also see GFI

Class "A" fire resistance: The highest fire-resistance rating for roofing per ASTM E-108. Indicates that roofing is able to withstand severe exposure to fire originating from sources outside the building. 

Class "B" fire resistance: Fire-resistance rating that indicates roofing material is able to withstand moderate exposure to fire originating from sources outside the building.

Class "C" fire resistance: Fire-resistance rating that indicates roofing material is able to withstand light exposure to fire originating from sources outside the building.

Clear span: The actual unsupported span between two support points.

Closed cut valley: A method of valley treatment in which shingles from one side of the valley extend across the valley, while shingles from the other side are trimmed 2 inches from the valley centerline. The valley flashing is not exposed.

Coal tar: A viscous liquid mixture of hydrocarbon compounds, derived, along with coke, from the destructive distillation of coal.

Coating: A layer of viscous asphalt applied to the base material into which granules or other surfacing is embedded.

Cold Process Adhesive: Mastic prepared with SBS modifiers to adhere laps, flashings and joints of built-up or low-slope roofing without hot-mopping or torching equipment.

Cold-Method and Lap Cement: Special multipurpose adhesive for low-sloped, cold-applied roof construction. Bonds 19" selvedge, mineral surface and cap sheets to the underlayment. Doubles as an adhesive on 2" selvedge lap of mineral-, granule- or smooth-surfaced roofing. Available in both summer and winter grades.

Collar: Preformed flange placed over a vent pipe to seal the roofing above the vent pipe opening. Also called a vent sleeve.

Column: A load bearing support post made of wood, steel or masonry.

Concealed nail method: Application of roll roofing in which all nails are driven into the underlying course of roofing and covered by a cemented, overlapping course. Nails are not exposed to the weather.

Condensation: The change of water from vapor to liquid when warm, moisture-laden air comes in contact with a cold surface.

Condensation: The change of water from vapor to liquid when warm, moisture-laden air comes in contact with a cold surface.

Coping joint: A cut on the end of a piece of molding which joins it to the face contour of a another piece of molding it butts perpendicularly to at an internal corner. The intersection of a roof slope and an exterior vertical wall.

Corner bead: A long strip of formed sheet metal or plastic that is attached to outside corners of drywall or plaster walls in order to reinforce the corner.

Cornice: Any decorative molding or overhang located at the junction of a wall and roof.

Course: A row of shingles or roll roofing running the length of the roof.

Coverage: Amount of weather protection provided by the roofing material. Depends on number of layers of material between the exposed surface of the roofing and the deck; i.e. single coverage, double coverage, etc.

Cricket: A saddle-shaped, peaked construction connecting a sloping roof plane with a chimney. Designed to encourage water drainage away from the chimney joint.

Concrete: A common construction material often used for foundations, ground level floors, and sidewalks. Most concrete is made out of (1) Portland cement, (2) sand, and (3) gravel or aggregate. It is commonly reinforced with steel rods (rebar) or wire screening (mesh).

Concrete Block: A hollow concrete 'brick' often 8" x 8" x 16" in size. Often used in low rise commercial and some residential construction. The original design and use is attributed to the architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Concrete Board or Wonder Board: A panel made out of concrete and fiberglass usually used as a tile backing material.

Contractor: A company licensed to perform certain types of construction activities. In most states, the generals contractor's license and some specialty contractor's licenses don't require of compliance with bonding, workmen's compensation and similar regulations. Some of the specialty contractor licenses involve extensive training, testing and/or insurance requirements. There are various types of contractors:

  • General contractor: Responsible for the execution, supervision and overall coordination of a project and may also perform some of the individual construction tasks. Most general contractors are not licensed to perform all specialty trades and must hire specialty contractors for such tasks, e.g. electrical, plumbing.
  • Remodeling contractor: A general contractor who specializes in remodeling work.
  • Specialty contractor: Licensed to perform a specialty task e.g. electrical, side sewer, asbestos abatement.
  • Sub contractor: A general or specialty contractor who works for another general contractor.

Construction Contract: A legal document which specifies the what-when-where-how-how much and by whom in a construction project. A good construction contract will include:

  • The contractors registration number.
  • A statement of work quality such as 'Standard Practices of the Trades' or 'according to Manufacturers Specifications'.
  • A set of Blue Prints or Plans
  • A set of Specifications
  • Any Allowances.
  • A construction timetable including starting and completion dates.
  • A Fixed Price for the work, or a Time and Materials formula.
  • A Payment Schedule.
  • A written Warranty.
  • A clause which outlines how any disputes will be resolved.

Cost Plus Contract: An agreement with a contractor or builder which sets the contractor's compensation for the project as a percentage of the total cost of all labor and materials.

Counter flashing: Sheet metal or other material used around chimneys above the roofline to prevent moisture entry into the structure.

Cove molding: A wood strip having a curved concave face used as a trim to finish interior corners.

Curtain Drain: A ditch sometimes filled with gravel and a drain tile which diverts storm and drain water away from a structure.

Curb: The short elevation of an exterior wall above the deck of a commercial flat roof.

Curb roof: A roof with an upper and lower set of rafters on each side, the under set being less inclined to the horizon than the upper; a mansard roof.

Cutout: The open portions of a strip shingle between the tabs.

Cycle time: The time beginning at the instant a toilet flush lever is actuated, until the instant the water supply shuts off, completing the flush cycle.


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