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Warranty: In construction there are two general types of warranties. One is provided by the manufacturer of a product such as roofing material or an appliance. The second is a warranty for the labor. For example, a roofing contract may include a 30 year material warranty a and a 5 year labor warranty.

  • Many (but not all ) new homes and remodels come with a one year warranty. Any major issues found during the first year should be communicated  to the builder/remodelor at once. Small items can be saved up and presented to the builder/remodelor in a letter on the eleventh month anniversary of the closing. This gives the builder/remodelor one month to make the necessary corrections.

Water closet: A plumbing fixture having a water-containing receptor which receives liquid and solid body waste and, upon actuation (flushing), conveys the waste through a trap way into a gravity drainage system.

Water saving toilet: A classification of toilet that uses no more than 3.5 gallons and no less than 1.6 gallons per flush.

Watt: A measure of the electrical requirement of an appliance calculated by multiplying voltage x amperage. For example: a 1600 watt hair dryer which uses '110' volt power needs about 15 amps.

Wet or Dry Surface Plastic Roof Cement: Superior performance in cold and wet applications. Performs as a general-purpose exterior repair and maintenance material on damp or dry surfaces. Stops roof and other leaks fast.

Woven valley: Method of valley construction in which shingles from both sides of the valley extend across the valley and are woven together by overlapping alternate courses as they are applied. The valley flashing is not exposed.


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 Kitchen Remodeling Clear Lake


 Kitchen Remodeling Clear Lake
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